Demo: Together against fascism!

16:00 - 19:00

Start: Halitplatz

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Demonstration: Saturday, 15. August at 16 Clock | Kassel – Halitplatz
Organized by Young-Free-Kassel

The fight from 15. August 1984 go on living!

Together against fascism!

In front 36 Years ago, Kurds decided to resist. A popular movement emerged, with the aim of ending colonial oppression.

Many years have passed, there was a turning away from the desire for a nation state. The idea “Democratic Confederalism” originated, a radical one (Basis-)democracy. With the goals of women's liberation and ecological trade.

The fighting spirit from 15. August 1984 lives on in the resistance! Be it in South Kurdistan, where the Turkish army bombs the defensive areas in front of the eyes and with the support of the Barzani clan or in Rojava, that is currently threatened.

That the fight cannot be won militarily, many are aware. That is why there are always political approaches, to create counter-structures by organizing the population.

But despite repeated proposals for a solution for a democratic process and calls for dialogue and the self-organization of the peoples, so that a democratization process can be set in motion and we know the longing for peace, that without a functioning self-defense a revolutionary movement beyond the state, Power and capital would be doomed to fail.

Therefore we call on everyone to show solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle! The 15. August symbolizes the dawn of a new society. A democratic one, feminist and ecological society! This is not just the fight of the Kurds, that is the fight against fascism!

Hence we say down with fascism!
Long live international solidarity and everyone comes to the demonstration!

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