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Bicycle demonstration on the A49 against the A49! Am 3.10.let's go now for the second time by bike from Kassel to the Dannenröder forest, including a large section of the route on the A49, to oppose the expansion of the A49, for the demolition and rededication of the already built section and the preservation of the Dannenröder forest.

The clearing work around the Dannenröder Forest began this morning. Harvesters and chainsaws march into the woods, led by police officers. At the same time, the construction of the A49 between Borken and the A5 junction continues. It is more urgent than ever for us, to get loud now, To resist the insane construction project and to take immediate action. We paralyze the A49 again by the right of assembly, replace car traffic for one day with our bikes and cycle together for a traffic turnaround and a more climate-friendly world.

Dhe protest is explicitly not directed solely against the A49 federal motorway, rather includes the requirement for a comprehensive transport revolution. The actual prevention of roads- and new autobahns is just one, but important pillar for a trafficrswende.

The longer you wait with the traffic turnaround, the harder it gets, Engaging reverse gear - so now is the time to offer direct resistance to the expansion of new infrastructure for individual motorized transport (HIV)! “Because every street, every parking garage, every freeway only generates new traffic. If we want a consistent traffic turnaround, then any expansion of the motorized vehicle infrastructure must be stopped now. " such an activist from the ranks of the bicycle demonstration. No more engine noise and surface sealing, Air pollution and soil contamination, Forest clearance and arable land destruction, Exploitation and Climate Destruction

Die Pressestelle berichtete bereits von der ersten Fahrraddemo im September “On the A49 against the A49”

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