Kassel's colonial traces – Post-colonial city walk

17:00 - 19:00

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Kassel's colonial traces: A post-colonial city tour shows new perspectives

German colonial history is currently the subject of passionate debates. Points of contention concern the handling of monuments and polluted street names, the thematization of German colonialism in school books, as well as the reconciliation with the Herero and Nama, where German troops between 1904 and 1908 committed genocide.
Kassel is also a place, which is deeply entangled in the history of German colonialism. The anatomist Samuel Thomas Soemmering developed a theory of "scientific racism", the Henschel works made rails and trains, the colonial soldiers and raw materials transported, and colonial exhibitions were held in the orangery.
This historical legacy is not immediately visible in today's cityscape. But it is important for a responsible handling of history, to make the traces of colonial rule visible again - for example the locations of grocery stores and exhibitions, the training centers for colonial farmers, the racial experiments in research. The kassel postkolonial initiative has been leading since 2015 post-colonial city walks and invites you to do so, Getting to know Kassel anew. the aim is, To draw connections between Kassel's role in historical colonialism and our everyday life today and to consider the interweaving of Kassel with global social developments. That means, a critical look at power relations, Throwing trade routes or architectures, consciously taking both their history and their present seriously.

The next walk will be on 7.9. 2020 one 17 Clock occur. The initiative looks forward to active participation (up to 25 people) and asks for registration under ">

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