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Kulturzentrum Schlachthof (Kassel), Kassel

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The conflict is Martin Kohlstedt in his face. It does not matter, whether or connects the composer and pianist for a moment with the audience sinks back into his refuge from keyboards for steel strings and synthesizer. Relentlessly seeks his view, feels by any space, making it ahead of the head mostly heartbreaking moments. As a musician, this is a gamble, a provoziertes as provocative play on the edge of its control - as a composer, however, the concept. Because for the energy and unpredictability of his concerts is Kohlstedt, obvious lad from the Thuringian, quite notorious and has thus brought it from the Russian State Library on the Iranian Vahdat Hall up to the sold-out Great Hall of the Hamburg concert hall. But one finds in all this no attitude of the great staging for, just another way, thinking music and to communicate with her: There are no works, for compositional set pieces, whose power lies in the potential of their combinability and variations. these modules, as Kohlstedt calls, arising fact that it combines unpredictable punchlines and conflicts.

This applies not only for its concerts. "Even at Sister albums day" and "night" (2012 / 2014) affects the format intakes as the necessary evil, hold one of its shapings. Voyeuristic you live an encounter Kohlstedts with its domestic piano at. With electricity" (2017) the templates of the stage character and her instrument then dissolve final, in a heady swirl of Piano tunes and electronic landscapes. It can be discerned no border between new and old or between analog and digital instrumentation. Sound and structure occur behind the desire, simply allow moments. As a motive they are as inspiring as the language of his hands for us for Kohlstedt - music as a social state.

It is therefore not surprising, that collaborations have always been a central part of creating Kohlstedts. suspend his artistic vision of a strong friction, He has two rework EPs across genres with electric, Hip-hop and pop artists worked - including Christian Löffler, Douglas Dare, FM Belfast, Dwig and Hundreds. The Interdisciplinary suits him, the Wretched, never was truly at home in classical music. He studied Media Arts at the Bauhaus University Weimar and still composes Martin Kohlstedt regularly for international filmmakers and contributes to the production of radio dramas and plays.

2019 is this, Werk' body now proceed and it would not Martin Kohlstedt, he would ensure not just strive to maximum drop height: Together with up to 70 arrange voices strong GewandhausChor Leipzig and its artistic director Gregory Meyer, curated and researched Kohlstedt the interaction of the human collective with the militant intuition of the musician. "Streams" (Edition Kohlstedt / Warner Classics) this case makes his experience advantage, and his longtime companion, The meeting between the whole stand permit for themselves and to give as an experiment the possibility of failure. The result is pure dynamics, full of monumental turmoil and delicate approaches, but exempt from any fear of, may be what classical.

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Martin Kohlstedt

Kassel – Schlachthof Kassel

inlet: 19:00 Clock
beginning: 20:00 Clock

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