Kulturzentrum Schlachthof (Kassel)

Mombachstraße 10-12
34127 Kassel

Kulturzentrum Schlachthof (Kassel)

The Cultural Center slaughterhouse, location/venue to be announced (still unkown), educational- and counseling facility and youth welfare bodies; since 1978 the place in Kassel, redesigned alive in which cultural diversity and over again. However, pulse factor for the whole region with a program of events at a high level of non-profit organization is not only stage, but makes an important contribution to the integration and communication between people of different social and ethnic origin. From the beginning, the cultural slaughterhouse meeting place and home to clubs and associations of immigrant people.

differentiated education- and advisory services

With a differentiated education- and advisory services to the cultural center not only aimed at immigrant men, around them in the development of an independent work- and to support life perspective. language support, Projects for professional qualifications, individual counseling and projects of cultural education are the building blocks of a differentiated offer, to children, to open young people and adults social participation opportunities.

interdisciplinary networking

With the participation of immigrant men from the beginning and in partnership cooperation with clients and partners developed a dedicated and competent team for many years needs- and target group oriented concepts in the district- and integration work. Interdisciplinary networking inside and outside the cultural slaughterhouse sociospatial and regional aligned, so that the slaughterhouse in a wide variety of local, country- and national networks cooperates.

Tel: 0561 / 22 07 12 – 0
email: info[at]schlachthof-kassel.de

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