rally: Decentralized accommodation instead of mandatory storage and collective quarantine!

17:30 - 19:00

Town Hall Kassel

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In the initial reception facility in Kassel Niederzwehren, more than 100 People infected with the coronavirus. All 301 Residents have been for more than 14 Days in quarantine, an end is not in sight. How should social distancing work, If 6 People have to share a room? The living conditions in mass accommodation are hardly reasonable even in normal times. The narrowness becomes a danger to health and human life. That was foreseeable since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Instead of decentralized accommodation and a functioning hygiene concept, the regional council ordered collective quarantine.
The people were locked up together and report fear and insecurity. they do not know, when they can go outside again and are afraid, to get infected. Some are worried, the quarantine would be used, in order to be able to carry out deportations more easily.
We criticize the failure of the regional council to protect refugees from infection, as well as the political practice of placement in collective camps.
Mass accommodation is not a safe place!
We demand:
– Transparency and communication with the refugees
– Decentralized accommodation for refugees
– Extension of toleration and suspension of deportations
– Access to health care for all!
Come to the rally on Thursday, 29.10.2020 one 17:30 in front of the Kassel town hall. Please wear mouth and nose protection and stop 1,5 Meter distance.
Solidarity City Kassel


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