Lesung mit Raúl Zelik: We undead of capital?


Kollektivcafé Kurbad, Kassel

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The undead seems to be taking over our society - an economic model, that is more in the way of health and a good life, the return of fascist monsters, the acceleration of climate change and environmental degradation. Raul Zelik asks, how these developments are related and how they can be stopped. In this search he turns to another undead, who just doesn't want to die: the socialist idea.

Without a strengthening of common property, neither ecological collapse nor the impending fall into authoritarianism can be prevented. The multifaceted crisis requires a major emancipatory counter-draft. Zelik's book outlined, how the left can reinvent itself, what a socialist project must consist of and where social power should come from, to implement such a transformation.

Raul zelik: We undead of capital " (edition suhrkamp) 2746


Raul zelik (born 1968 in Munich) is a political scientist and writer. Among other things, he published. the novels "Berlin Conditions" (Flower bar 2005) and "The Intruder" (Suhrkamp 2012) and was up 2013 Associate Professor of Political Science at the National University of Colombia in Medellíns. With Elmar Altvater he published after the financial crisis of 2008 the conversation book "The Measurement of Utopia" (Bertz & Fischer). since 2016 he is also a member of the federal executive committee of DIE LINKE party.


The event takes place in compliance with the infection control measures in the outdoor area of ​​the café.


Rosa-Luxemburg-Club Kassel in cooperation with collective café Kurbad Kassel

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