Materialistic Rasismuskritik

19:00 - 21:00


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Online event as part of the Event series (9.5.-1.6.) the initiative Antifascist May Kassel
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Marxism and anti-racism are seldom thought of together in German activist and academic contexts. Often there are (partly legitimate) Assuming that Marxists see racism only as a secondary contradiction and therefore do not deal with it in a dignified manner. A historically materialistic examination of racism can, however, provide important insights into the question, what racism is, how it came about and why it is still in business today. The focus is on its interweaving with material social foundations on the basis of which racism is constantly renewed. What does capitalism have to do with racist violence?? How was the invention of the whites connected with the starting conditions of the capitalist mode of production?? Which economic structures guarantee the continued existence of the rule of the global north over the countries of former colonies?? To what extent is racism more than just an ideology or a false consciousness and why is it not done with successful educational work? These questions will be investigated in the lecture.

Speaker: Bafta Sarbo studies social sciences and works on the relationship between Marxism and anti-racism. She is politically active, among other things, on the board of the Initiative Black People in Germany, where she works on racial profiling, Migration Policy and Racism in Germany.

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