Open anti-fascist meeting in Kassel


aka, Kassel


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EINMALIGER ORT FÜR DIESES OAT: AKA (Werner Hilpert Street 22, Kassel)

Does it bother you too?, that too little is being done against right-wing tendencies? That the AfD has established itself in the Bundestag, while Nazis kill? Do you feel powerless in the face of the many crises around you? Deportations, Police violence, racist attacks, the daily turn-on, the empty account at the end of the month? Would you like to be active against it and left together, Develop solidarity ideas?

Right-wing networks and arsenals are uncovered almost every week in Germany, Racist and anti-Semitic attacks have become sad and dangerous everyday life, while AfD, but also 'conservatives' from ranks of the CDU / CSU, make right thoughts normal. We don't expect anything from the state, except for the same speeches over and over again, which are not followed by deeds. As well as? Who is part of the problem, will not provide any solutions. We know, that we have to organize, to counteract powerlessness and loneliness. It won't work on its own.

For that we need more places where we can come together, exchange and plan. The Open Antifascist Meeting should be such a place - open to your ideas, your anger and our self-organization. Consistently anti-fascist.


Change in rhythm from September 2022: We just meet every first Friday of the month!

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