The Kassel Art University invites you to take a tour 2024 (18. to 21. July) – Open days. workshops, Ateliers and studios for the fine arts courses, Product design, Art education, Art Research, Visual communication and [...]


Queer Center

(english below the stars*) from 7. To 28. In July, Tristan Marie Despite exhibited at the Queeren Zentrum Kassel. We are moving between impacts of the climate crisis, seemingly self-evident capitalism and one [...]


Altenbaunaer Str. 109, 34132 Kassel-Oberzwehren

SDG Life on Land What impact does our urban lighting have on the living creatures in our cities? Introduction and conversation with Alexander Sust and Almuth Strehlow. Under the motto “Good together [...]
Drumming is one of the most fundamental forms of musical expression. It promotes a sense of rhythm, Creativity and ability to concentrate. The workshop imparts knowledge of elements of West African rhythms. The percussion techniques learned produce sounds, the too [...]



The punk rock band Bierkenstock from Kassel celebrates their TAPE-REALASE with us and are accompanied by Gleitbauch Asocial. Youtube star imp awaits us as a special guest, who shared a few songs with us [...]
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