Free Radio Kassel

Opernstraße 2
34117 Kassel


The Free Radio Kassel (kurz FRK) is a non-commercial local radio stations, who was conceived in the Kassel city area and neighboring communities. The transmission frequencies are: at school 105,8 MHz (Antenna) such as 97,8 MHz (electric wire). The broadcast studio has in the past since the foundation, listed Kulturfabrik Salzmann found in the district of Kassel Bettenhausen and had to start 2013 move to downtown (Opernstraße2 ).

The Free Radio Kassel is largely by volunteers and offers readers the opportunity, to produce their own responsibility and send radio reports. The emphasis is on the one hand the local and regional coverage, on the other a music program, the significantly different from the commercial or public broadcasters.

The program is run by local associations, created initiatives and other groups and individuals, which are largely autonomous in form and content design their broadcasts. The Free Radio Kassel has, unlike many other citizen media through a fixed program schedule with recurring shipments. The FRK sees itself as “Einschaltradio”, d.h., Listeners turn on targeted, to keep track of certain programs. The tasks of the independent radio stations in addition include the teaching of media literacy. This is done through a variety of media educational projects, often in cooperation with schools, universities, Youth centers and other educational institutions are carried out.

The financing of the station's mostly about middle of the Hessian State Office for Private Broadcasting and New Media (LPR Hessen). This uses a portion of its influent share of the license fee to promote non-commercial media projects.

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