Infoladen Halitstraße

Holländische Strasse 88
34127 Kassel


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It is with great horror that we see it, how self-administered structures can hardly be maintained in Kassel. More and more every self-organized structure is razed to the ground and pushed into oblivion. We want to counter this with something. Within a very short time it is us, dem local e.V., succeeded in renting a shop on Holländische Strasse near Halitplatz. On approx. 60 m² we will be here from May 2016 create an info shop, which, in addition to content-related and political lectures and events, also has plenty of space for social interaction, Workshops, Plena and other meetings will have and even the minibar, invite you to a café or a movie night. Our greatest concern is to keep left-wing radical structures in Kassel and, ideally, to expand them. We want to create a hub with this info shop, which in Kassel networks all initiatives that can identify with anti-discrimination and emancipatory educational principles. But we also want to continue as a starting point for networking outside of Kassel, Information and promotion of various initiatives and campaigns must be approachable. The info shop provides a clear answer to this, what is currently being tried in Kassel. In the immediate vicinity of the once reformist university, we still attach great importance to emancipatory thinking. We let ourselves, unlike what is currently happening on and around the university grounds, do not marginalize further and would like to get in the way of the economic interests of individuals. That is why it is important to us to do suburban work in the northern part of the city and to come into contact with as many residents as possible and to discuss the progressive trend of displacement from the northern part of the city together and to develop counter-concepts. So the info shop carries e.g.. also the name of Halit Yozgat who was murdered by the NSU, the 2006 was cruelly murdered just a few houses from the info shop. With the name "…an der Halitstraße “we would like to remember this terrible act and comply with the wishes of the Yozgat family, who wish the renaming of Holländische Strasse to "Halitstrasse" in memory of their son. We, as Infoladen, stand up against racism and hatred of people in the northern part of the city, in Kassel and everywhere and demand the complete exposure of the NSU terror.


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