Frankfurter Str. 60
34121 Kassel


To•ko•no•ma (jap.) belongs to an important element of Japanese living room: Man exhibits his treasures, often a vertically hanging picture roll or a piece of porcelain. The host sits in front and the guests marvel at the treasures.

As a platform for young art and club culture organizes and Tokonoma in Kassel lectures, Filmprogramme, Exhibitions and club nights. The concern of the young organization is the reflection of contemporary themes in art, the film and the music and the promotion of young artists from these areas. In the spring 2012 transformed the collective Tokonoma a former beauty salon in Kassel Southtown into a multifunctional event space, the Tokonoma Apartment. There events are regularly held on Tuesdays evenings, Exhibitions will be opened in the window of the apartment monthly. Curated and organized is Tokonoma by students of University of Kassel.



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