Rally after the murder of women in Fulda

About a dozen people came on Friday, 18. December, spontaneously together on the Kassel Königsplatz, to draw attention to the fate of the killed doctor in Fulda. The 35-year-old was found dead and with cuts on her neck in the backyard of her home earlier this month. The alleged perpetrator, her ex-partner, is currently in custody.

In Fulda had already on 14. December a vigil took place, to commemorate the murdered woman. The Feminist Initiative Fulda had called for this, based on the nationwide # keinehr movement. In many cases, as it is now probably in Fulda, the perpetrators would come from the women’s environment. Especially after a separation, the risk for women increases, Suffering violence from their exes, criticizes the Feminist Initiative Fulda.

In Kassel, the Autonomous Women's Refuge had mobilized Kassel for the rally at short notice. There, too, not only the case from Fulda was referred to, but on Femicides - deadly violence against women - in general.