"Rheinmetall Disarm" action conference in Kassel

More than 150 Activists met on Saturday, the 26.03.2022 came together for an action conference in Kassel's Kulturbahnhof. Against the background of the upcoming action week in summer 2022 the participants discussed the connections between the climate crisis, war and rearmament. Mit der Aktionskonferenz sollten nicht nur die Planungen für

“Why is the culprit still not found?”

In memory of the attempted murder of minicar driver Efe in June 2020 activists have on the night of 15. on the 16 March imitation wanted posters distributed throughout Kassel. The posters draw attention to the hitherto unsuccessful search for the perpetrator and the lack of investigative success.

Politically motivated deportation

Muhiddin's family fled 25 Years before the war in Turkey to Germany. He is married, Father of five children, nevertheless he should be deported. On closer inspection of his case it quickly becomes clear, that the deportation has political reasons.

“I want to take care of it, that that doesn't happen to anyone anymore "

On the evening of 19. October 2021 two people were attacked by Nazis in Nordstadtpark. One person was briefly in mortal danger, a second person was at risk of losing sight. With Blake, one of the attacked people, we talked about the incident and its consequences - but also about his political fight against queerophobia and racism.