Fridays For Future Kassel rally “Economy with a future”

On the occasion of the negotiation of the stimulus package at federal level on 02. Juni hat die lokale Fridays For Future- Group called for a rally at the main train station. In compliance with infection control measures, around 70 People on the station forecourt to take into account climate protection aspects in economic development on the occasion of Corona- Crisis protests.

“The planned economic stimulus package will set Germany back decades, as far as climate protection is concerned ", says Cedric Büchling from FFF- Kassel. After the Great Depression 2007/ 2008 one could observe, that the CO2- Its emissions rose to record levels. A repetition of this must be prevented and the package must be seen as an opportunity for a socio-ecological transformation, so the activist continues.

Various speeches were made at the rally, a band played and the participants drew messages and demands on the station forecourt with chalk. The rally was part of the Germany-wide day of action #KlimaZielStattLobbydeal.

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Fridays For Future Kassel rally “Economy with a future” 02.06.20