Racist attempted murder in Kassel

Am 21.06.2020 tried a previously unknown, killing a minicar driver in the north of Kassel with a stab in the neck, apparently for racist reasons. The act happened at night 4.30 At the corner of Fraunhoferstraße / Knutzenstraße after a taxi ride from Kassel West, the perpetrator fled towards Fiedlerstrasse. The victim, the Kassir Bekir E., survived the attack after emergency treatment in the nearby hospital.

The perpetrator also stabbed “Fuck foreigners” to

As has only just become known, is based on a racist motive. The head of the Minicar company Hasan Cakir talks to the press office, the urgent suspicion in the room, that the perpetrator tried for racist motives Bekir E. to kill. Because the perpetrator stung with the words, according to the victim “Fuck foreigners, Money launderers!” to. Neither the police nor the HNA mention this inherently important information in their reports.

The initially friendly and well-groomed offender with blonde hair suddenly stabbed. “There have never been any threats against our company”, so Cakir. But the racist motive is more than obvious with these indications, the perpetrator apparently has right ideas.

Right-wing violence in Kassel

Racism has to be considered as a motive not only after the murders of Halit Yozgat and Walter Lübcke. Deadly right-wing violence and racism are also common in Kassel and are kept silent again and again.

That this happens again in this case, throws a dubious picture on the Kassel police and press landscape. Apart from the fact, the description of the perpetrator in age and origin corresponds to the risk group for right-wing violent offenders: 30-35 Years, Accent free German.