Politically motivated deportation

Muhiddin's family fled 25 Years before the war in Turkey to Germany. He is married, Father of five children, nevertheless he should be deported. On closer inspection of his case it quickly becomes clear, that the deportation has political reasons.

The oldest clinic in Kassel is now in private hands

In June 2021 one of the oldest hospitals in Kassel had to file for bankruptcy. At the beginning of September this year, the health group Fresenius took over the financially troubled DRK clinics, which will be continued as Helios clinics in the future. An article about missed opportunities and the impact of private sector interests in healthcare.

Freedom for Lina demonstration in Kassel on 04.09.2021

Freedom for Lina demonstration in Kassel

Last Saturday the 4. September demonstrated in Kassel for example 200 People for the release of the anti-fascist Lina. The student, originally from Kassel, has been sitting since November 2020 in custody. You and three other people are charged, Preparing and carrying out attacks on neo-Nazis. After we had a conversation with Lina's mother in February, let's take the demonstration as an opportunity, to pursue the question, what has happened since then.

“Place of the Resistant Women”

Am 30. April feminists celebrated Walpurgis Night with a demonstration in Kassel. The night before, the place at the Goethestern was in the “Place of the Resistant Women” renamed. The activists want to draw attention to the ongoing violence against women and re-own a place with decades of feminist tradition.

Lateral thinker, Mahatma Gandhi and police in Kassel on 20.03.21

Festival of Infections

On Saturday the 20.03.2021 The nationwide lateral thinker movement met in Kassel for a protest- and infection happening for or against goals that are not very clearly defined. Despite violent attacks on outsiders, Forbidden elevator and minor riots, the police officers decided to support the event and to beat leftists.

Autobahn despite the climate crisis: What about the further construction of the A44

Forest fires, Droughts, Weather disasters. In view of the recurring reports about the catastrophic consequences of global climate change, the construction of a motorway seems out of date. Nevertheless, the A44 from Kassel in the direction of Harleshausen is to be extended to Thuringia. Because the building project does not at all reflect the necessary rethinking of climate, environment- and transport policy, there is political resistance.

Suddenly turned into a terrorist

Lina comes from Kassel, is 25 year old, Student and has been in custody for four months. The federal prosecutor accuses her of participating in two attacks on a bar known as a neo-Nazi meeting place in Eisenach and its operator. We took a closer look at the case and talked to Lina's mother about it, how it is, when the daughter is suddenly supposed to be “Germany's most dangerous left-wing extremist”.

The battle for "above"

Am 5.12.2020 Several hundred activists took part in an end-of-the-terrain campaign in the Dannenröder forest, to support the occupation there. The forest squatters and activists who had arrived prevented the day, that the clearing was continued.