“Why is the culprit still not found?”

In memory of the attempted murder of minicar driver Efe in June 2020 activists have on the night of 15. on the 16 March imitation wanted posters distributed throughout Kassel. The posters draw attention to the hitherto unsuccessful search for the perpetrator and the lack of investigative success.

“I want to take care of it, that that doesn't happen to anyone anymore "

On the evening of 19. October 2021 two people were attacked by Nazis in Nordstadtpark. One person was briefly in mortal danger, a second person was at risk of losing sight. With Blake, one of the attacked people, we talked about the incident and its consequences - but also about his political fight against queerophobia and racism.

Start of the Lübcke investigation committee

“What did the right-wing extremist scene in Northern Hesse look like??” – this question was the focus of the first public meeting of the committee of inquiry into the murder of Walter Lübcke in the Hessian state parliament. In the committee, the political environment of Stephan Ernst and Markus Hartmann is to be clarified and any misconduct by the security authorities to be determined.

Lateral thinker, Mahatma Gandhi and police in Kassel on 20.03.21

Festival of Infections

On Saturday the 20.03.2021 The nationwide lateral thinker movement met in Kassel for a protest- and infection happening for or against goals that are not very clearly defined. Despite violent attacks on outsiders, Forbidden elevator and minor riots, the police officers decided to support the event and to beat leftists.

Kassel: Commemoration of the Hanau attack

Hundreds of people came to Kassel on 19.2.21 to commemorate the anniversary of the racist terrorist attack in Hanau. Speeches were made on the steps of the town hall in mourning for Ferhat Unvar, Hamza Kurtović, Said Nesar Hashemi, Vili Viorel Păun, Mercedes Kierpacz, Kaloyan Velkov, Fatih Saracoglu, Sedat Gurbuz und Gokhan Gultekin gehalten.

End of process: “Solidarity with those affected by right-wing terror!”

Stephan Ernst was closed because of the murder of Walter Lübcke 15 Sentenced to years in prison, his alleged helper Markus Hartmann was able to leave the courtroom as a free man. Punishment for attacking Ahmid I with a knife. was not imposed in Frankfurt. Protest against this judgment and against right-wing terror in Germany formed locally and in Kassel.

“Nach dem Rechten sehen”

In the second week of September that took place in the north of Kassel “Nach dem Rechten sehen” Festival takes place. Hundreds of people came to hear together over five days, Discuss and spend time together.

vigil: Memory of the victims of the racist attack in Hanau

As in many other German cities, on 19. August also in Kassel due to a racist terrorist attack in Hanau in February 2020 murdered people thought. To keep the memory alive six months after the attack, the foreigners' council of the city of Kassel had called for a vigil in front of the town hall.