Festival of Infections

On Saturday the 20.03.2021 The nationwide lateral thinker movement met in Kassel for a protest- and infection happening for or against goals that are not very clearly defined. Despite violent attacks on outsiders, Forbidden elevator and minor riots, the police officers decided to support the event and to beat leftists.

The political decision, to allow this mega-event of collective madness, was excused by the police by overburdening the emergency services. The fact, that the Hessian police excelled in the past, on assembly positions in the left context with Personal absurdity- and cost of materials to react, casts doubt on this explanation. The justification of the police for their inaction in the face of the incidents continues: It was not clubbed, because “apparently the majority of the participants came from the middle-class camp and generally showed no discernible tendency towards violent actions.” That would mean in reverse: Would anyone dare, to think outside the civil order, the club would come out of the sack.

Although the delusion of the lateral thinking movement in terms of fighting pandemics is due to the political will of the federal government, Health department and liberal civil society, the Ministry of the Interior decides together with the police leadership for a lassez-faire course in Kassel. Because so isolated, as the current narrative dictates, the lateral thinkers are not. Because the one that is much invoked by all actors “Cohesion of society” primarily means the socio-economic milieu, who found herself on the street on Saturday: Middle Ages, white married couples from the so-called middle class with their own homes, Middle class station wagon, Spouse, half-height hiking boots, Walking sticks and a lot of conservatism in the back. “Wilderness petty bourgeoisie” calls that Kassel alliance NDRS the melange.

Not to be neglected, however, that all right-wing structures of rank and name were present on Saturday: The entire newly elected Kassel AfD parliamentary group found itself in the action, However, had to stick the AfD logo on the sign they had brought with them. They were there with NPD cadres, Identities and hooligans in hand. Even nationwide notorious neo-Nazis like Leon R.. from Eisenach were according to social media- Reports seen among lateral thinkers.

Violence on Saturday

No significant acts of violence were noticed by the police, there are quite a few reports from Kassler, who were attacked that day from the lateral thinking demonstrations. While at past maverick events, especially neo-Nazi structures sought the street fight with leftists and the police, had to be found in Kassel, that violence is now also emanating from the average lateral thinker.

At the beginning of the protest, a group of anti-fascists stood with a banner next to one of the marches. They were suddenly attacked by the demo leaders of lateral thinkers with blows and kicks. In the scuffle, a freelance photojournalist was also struck down with a fist. At the end of the day, the Union of Journalists counted 14 Attacks on journalists by the police and lateral thinkers. The attack on the deputy mayor of the Kassel Left is also exemplary, Ali Timtik. While he and others removed the racist posters and graffiti placed by lateral thinkers from the so-called obelisk in stairs street, two lateral thinkers attacked the group with pepper spray.

The local newspaper HNA also reports attacks by lateral thinkers on uninvolved adults and children with mouth and nose protection, as well as private homes and business people, who were marginally critical of what had happened.

The bicycle blockades, which came from the counter rally, were basically attacked by aggressive lateral thinkers and bicycles were damaged. It should not be forgotten, that also the third actor of the day, the police, exhibited a relaxed relationship to physical violence, at least towards counter-demonstrators. Widespread videos show uninhibited violence against blockades under the star of the camp separation. According to the KligK group, opponents of lateral thinking were attacked by the police on Friday evening.

But was against the lateral thinkers despite the failed blockade- Try defended too. For example, lateral thinker chat groups report several physical attacks by masked people on themselves, as well as punctured tires and loosened nuts on their vehicles.

At a loss for the future?

Kassel was the venue for a nationwide phenomenon. According to reports from the local anti-group are the local lateral thinking- Structures exist, but have never shone with particular strength in the past. The siege of the city by foreigners, The adventurous travel audience was a prototype of contemporary lateral thinking- mobilization: Neither is there a common ideology, another goal for the day. It is reminiscent of a bizarre festival; just the meandering presence in a mask-refusing crowd is enough as a political program.

The opponents of this event have to ask a few questions not only in Kassel. The sheer mass of lateral thinkers mobilized nationwide alone presents them with some challenges, which classic, make previously practiced concepts of civil disobedience appear helpless. The practical alliance between the police deployment concepts of repression and the confused and violent lateral thinking actions also leaves opponents at a loss. Despite all public assertions how despicable the lateral thinker movement is now, A drama like the one in Kassel is repeated for the fourth time under police supervision.

However, at least one thing seems certain after this festival of infections: the Kassel incidence figure will climb to new heights in the coming week.