“I want to take care of it, that that doesn't happen to anyone anymore "

On the evening of 19. October 2021 two people were attacked by Nazis in Nordstadtpark. One person was briefly in mortal danger, a second person was at risk of losing sight. With Blake, one of the attacked people, we talked about the incident and its consequences - but also about his political fight against queerophobia and racism.

20 Years later: From Kassel to the G8 summit in Genoa

Am 20. July 2001 23-year-old Carlo Giuliani died when the Italian Carabinieri were shot at the G8 summit in Genoa. A short conversation with two people from Kassel about the summit protests in the Italian port city and what political significance the death still has today.

“they did not want, that it will be public”

middle of March 2021 a video became public, that documents, like a paramedic beats a man tied to a couch with all his might. We have with the victim, Amar, talked about how he looks at the media coverage of the incident as well as the lack of legal processing and what consequences the assault has for him.

House searches of Kurdish activists

Last Thursday, the 11. March 2021 there was another repression against active members of the Kurdish cultural association. The police searched a total of five objects and numerous cars of three suspects. They are accused, To have raised money for the PKK.

Corona outbreak in the initial reception center

On Thursday, Kassel was officially declared a corona risk area. The trigger was the infection of at least one that had become known the day before 112 Residents of the refugee facility in Niederzwehren. We spoke to a resident by phone about the local conditions.

Rise of the shit jobs

Hospital staff, Logistics industry and retail employees: The current crisis also shows in Kassel, whose work is essential for our society. A conversation with Luisa, who works in a supermarket.