Freedom for Lina demonstration in Kassel

Last Saturday the 4. September demonstrated in Kassel for example 200 People for the release of the anti-fascist Lina. The student, originally from Kassel, has been sitting since November 2020 in custody. You and three other people are charged, Preparing and carrying out attacks on neo-Nazis. After we had a conversation with Lina's mother in February, let's take the demonstration as an opportunity, to pursue the question, what has happened since then.

Freedom for Lina demonstration in Kassel on 04.09.2021
Freedom for Lina demonstration in Kassel on 04.09.2021

The demonstration moved from the town hall through the pedestrian zone, via Königsplatz and Stern, finally to the north of the city and ended in the north of the city park. Especially in the city center, they took a lot of time, to get in touch with passers-by and distribute leaflets, explained someone from the solos group. That is necessary, because many people would only know the lurid reporting of the big media houses. It has become a little less in the course of the last few months, but little has changed in terms of the general tone. Lina is presented as a supposed terrorist.

“To this end, the Federal Prosecutor's Office and the Saxon police are deliberately staging a grotesque drama, that is simply taken up in large parts of the German media landscape, is reproduced unquestioningly and is spun on by oneself. "

From the call for a demonstration

The lurid and sexist reporting also denounced Lina's mother in a greeting, which was read out at the demonstration. Lina is stylized as a terrorist by the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office and because she is a woman, overturn the reporting. This representation was also criticized in public in a further speech. For some, Lina is a "petite woman in a mini skirt with painted fingernails", for others the "most dangerous left in Germany". The start of the process is now imminent.

The approaching first day of the trial on 8. September had also chosen the Kassel soli group as an occasion for their demonstration. You expect one of "the largest and most significant trials against anti-fascists in the last decades", it said in the call. They actually are for the process, which is now also referred to as the “Antifa Ost” process, negotiation days have already been set until the end of March. As it was to be expected, there is also great media interest: The Dresden Higher Regional Court announced at the end of August, that all 25 Seats available for media representatives are reserved.

Scuffling around a smoke pot at the demonstration on 04.09.2021

In order to support Lina and the other accused in the upcoming “Antifa Ost” proceedings, a support group has also come together in Kassel over the past few months.

As part of the open Antifa meeting, we organized an information event on Lina's detention situation and the whole process, there came close 100 People. That was very moving and the interest was great. People kept asking about that: Where can i help, how can I support Lina? Since then we have met regularly as a solidarity group and, for example, have now organized the demonstration on Saturday, or take care of the joint journey from Kassel to the start of the process in Dresden or to Wir Sind Alle Linx- Demonstration in Leipzig. "

The solidarity group is satisfied with the demonstration in Kassel. The number of participants roughly met expectations and there were almost no problems with the police. The only incident occurred shortly before the end of the demonstration. When a single smoke pot was ignited in the front part of the demonstration, there was a brief scramble. However, there were no personal details or other measures even after the demonstration, declared the Kassel Red Aid.

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Freedom for Lina demonstration on 04.09.2021