“Lockdown for production”

On the evening of 24. April 2021 to have 50 People spontaneously demonstrated on the occasion of the recently introduced curfew in downtown Kassel. As in many other cities, a solidarity shutdown to combat the pandemic was called for instead of an authoritarian symbolic policy of the federal government.

8. March demonstration in Kassel

About 1.500 People took part in this year's demonstration for 8. March in Kassel. Despite the ongoing corona pandemic and the corresponding restrictions, significantly more people took to the streets on the international feminist day of struggle than in the previous year.

Warning strike in the hospital

500 Employees of the Kassel Clinic stopped working on Wednesday and Thursday. They strike for 4,8% more wages, better training conditions and equalization of the lower wage groups.

Collectives network

Collective farms in Kassel have been networking for two and a half years. They want to make their goals known through joint campaigns: equal decision-making structures and shared ownership in the workplace.

Closing with the crowbar

The fight against the closure of the Wolfhagen district clinic in the Kassel district unites an entire region against an absurd health system and the solo efforts of the Mayor of Kassel. Report on a provisional clinic closure at the time of the coronavirus and a killing spree.

Rise of the shit jobs

Hospital staff, Logistics industry and retail employees: The current crisis also shows in Kassel, whose work is essential for our society. A conversation with Luisa, who works in a supermarket.