No profits from hardship!

Under the motto “No profits from hardship: Socialize Wintershall!” demonstrated on Saturday, the 29.10.2022, around a hundred people in front of the headquarters of the Kassel-based oil and gas company Wintershall Dea for the redistribution of excess profits and for climate justice.

“Why is the culprit still not found?”

In memory of the attempted murder of minicar driver Efe in June 2020 activists have on the night of 15. on the 16 March imitation wanted posters distributed throughout Kassel. The posters draw attention to the hitherto unsuccessful search for the perpetrator and the lack of investigative success.

“I want to take care of it, that that doesn't happen to anyone anymore "

On the evening of 19. October 2021 two people were attacked by Nazis in Nordstadtpark. One person was briefly in mortal danger, a second person was at risk of losing sight. With Blake, one of the attacked people, we talked about the incident and its consequences - but also about his political fight against queerophobia and racism.

Die Knastrevolte in der ‘Elwe’

Am 24.07. is the anniversary of the revolt from approx. 40 Deportation detainees in the Kassel JVA 'Elwe' for 27. Times. The revolting protesters protested against the threat of deportation and the disastrous conditions of detention.

Demo “Remember. resistance. Consequences. " at the 08. May

The initiative organized on Liberation Day “Anti-fascist May” a demonstration with several intermediate rallies, at the up to 500 People participated. Under the motto “Remember. resistance. Consequences. " attention was drawn to right-wing activities in Kassel and left-wing struggles were taken to the streets.

Rally against police violence

Knapp 100 People have on 31. March 2021 Demonstrated against police violence in front of the main train station. The rally was held at short notice on the occasion of a current case of police violence, which had happened the previous evening in Kassel, called.

"Leyla und Meryem: STAY!“

On Monday the 01.03.2021 demanded around 200 People in front of the town hall “Leyla and Meryem: stay". They demonstrated for the secure residence and a work permit for Leyla and Meryem Lacin. The rally was organized by the initiative for Leyla and Meryem consisting of friends of Leyla and Meryem.

Rally for decentralized accommodation for refugees

70 People have on 29. October 2020 one 17:30 Demonstrated in front of the town hall for the decentralized accommodation of refugees and access to medical care for all people. The protest was directed against the living conditions in the initial reception facility for refugees in Kassel Niederzwehren.