This is what Autobahnbau looks like

„Schwarze Wolken verdunkeln den Himmel“so oder ähnlich wird der politischen Beobachterin zu Mute, wenn sie dieser Tage im Dannenröder Wald einen Spaziergang unternimmt und an einem NATO-Drahtzaun vor einem Meer an Polizeihelmen steht, während dahinter ein Wald abgeholzt wird. Ein Kommentar.

Prepare for day X

A49 construction site: The Dannenröder forest in the Vogelsbergkreis has been occupied for a year, to prevent it from being cleared. There are many indications of this, that eviction is imminent. We spoke to one of the squatters on site from "Forest instead of asphalt".

Closing with the crowbar

The fight against the closure of the Wolfhagen district clinic in the Kassel district unites an entire region against an absurd health system and the solo efforts of the Mayor of Kassel. Report on a provisional clinic closure at the time of the coronavirus and a killing spree.

Litigation against Stephan Ernst in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt was on 16. June the criminal proceedings for the murder of the former Kassel District President Walter Lübcke and the attempted killing of Ahmad E.. opened. The acts are reported to the main defendant Stephan E. and his alleged accomplice Markus H. accused at the higher regional court by the federal prosecutor's office. After Several …