Kutschera: Sedition process

Ulrich Kutschera is due to an injury to the people, Accused of insult and untrue factual allegation. The Kassel professor of plant physiology has had to interrupt his procedure after almost a year 20. July again responsible to the prosecutor in court.

In an interview with the right-wing conservative online magazine “kath.net” on the occasion of the introduction of the so-called “Marriage for all” Kutschera had an adoption right for homosexual couples as “state-sponsored pedophilia” designated, the too “severe child abuse” will lead. According to the indictment, this provides “general disparagement of homosexual people” is the starting point for the sedition for sedition.

The university professor reaffirmed his statements in an admission and in oral additions and made an effort, to present it as the current state of science. In almost one-hour versions, he tried to explain, among other things, that children in same-sex households suffer and are more exposed to acts of violence. He only wanted to warn of the current undesirable development based on facts.

“These statements and many others are inflammatory and are objectively appropriate, To generate violence.”

In court, Kutschera interpreted the procedure as the result of one “Defamierungskampagne” through the “Gender ideologues” – he had already had the criminal trial before “a kind of book burning 2019” designated. The charges against him would be his “Violate honor and dignity as an international scientist”.

An employee of the University of Kassel invited as a witness made it clear in the court, that the injuries were not committed on Ulrich Kutschera. Personally affected by his hostile statements, he pointed out the different forms of everyday violence against homosexual people. For these, the insulting statements of the Kassel professor would provide the source of legitimation.

Outside of the court, Kutschera's statements were not uncontested. a 10 A demonstration gathered in front of the Presidium on the grounds of the University of Kassel. Calling the autonomous SchwuLesBiTrans * Queer Unit Kassel and the AG University Policy of the AStA were about 110 People followed, that went through the city center to the district court.

“Our existence is living proof, that people like Kutschera are not right.”

In the speeches, various aspects of the Kutschera case were dealt with. It was always made clear, that Kutschera's statements are not just from an anti-queer one, but also testify to a misogynous and racist worldview, which should be combated.

A speaker stressed, that Kutschera is scientifically insignificant and therefore one should not pay attention to it. However, the network should not be ignored, in which he is and that supports his statements. The Kassel professor sits on the board of trustees of the Afider-related Desiderius Erasmus Foundation and was invited by the AfD as a speaker.

Furthermore, it was made clear, that it is "a dangerous illusion", that LGBTIQ- Hostility and misogyny do not exist at the university. It was also criticized, that people affected by Kutschera's agitation receive little support from the university. A serious anti-discrimination policy should not stop at lip service and careful distancing of the university management.

This explained in one opinion the process “with great attention” to pursue. In view of the continuous statements made by the Kassel professor, however, questions remain, why the existing supervisory complaint has not been pursued independently.

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Kutschera: Sedition process